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The Supreme CBD Oil 30ML (3000MG) & CBD Vegan Capsules (10MG) Bundle is perfect for anyone who has already begun their CBD journey and wishes to elevate the positive effects that they have currently experienced from CBD.

It contains two of our current bestsellers – Supreme CBD Oil 30ML 3000MG and our Vegan 10MG Capsules. This bundle also makes a great gift for friends or loved ones that wish to heighten the benefits that they’ve already received from our products.


This Bundle Includes:

Supreme CBD Oil 30ML 3000MG

Our Supreme CBD Oil 30ML 3000MG is mostly suitable for intermediate to more advanced users of our products. The oil provides a healthy dose of CBD, the effects of which target both the mind and the body. Our Supreme CBD Oil 30ML 3000MG is a full spectrum oil which, like all our oils, is extracted using a specialist CO2 process, which fully isolates and removes any unwanted compounds and ensures the maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD oil allows you to experience all the benefits of the whole hemp plant.

The THC concentration in our full-spectrum 3000MG CBD oil is 0.14% which is legal in accordance with the regulatory standard, making it 100% legal and safe for use in the EU and the UK. Due to their only being trace amounts of THC in the oil, it has no psychoactive effects on the body. This means that you can use our Supreme CBD oils and still undertake your day-to-day tasks without worrying about a dizzying ‘high’ taking over your body.


Vegan 10MG Capsules

If you are looking for a super-easy way to take CBD whilst still being aware of your dietary conscience, then this is the perfect option for you. They completely avoid animal testing whilst also being non-GMO. With each capsule containing 10mg of high-quality broad-spectrum CBD, simply take 2 capsules per day to meet the recommended daily amount.

Our CBD products are derived from premium quality hemp strains and are all third-party lab tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. See all our lab reports here.

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Supreme CBD Oil 30ML (3000MG) & CBD Vegan Capsules (10MG) Bundle

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    Bundle Specification:

    Athletes Broad Spectrum Advanced Pack includes:

    • Supreme CBD Oil 30ML (3000MG)
    • Supreme CBD Vegan Capsules (10MG)

    Key Description:

    • Organic, full-spectrum oil
    • 100% vegan capsules
    • The highest quality hemp-derived CBD products
    • CBD Guarantee/Third-party lab tested to ensure the highest quality

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