Lauren Mcevoy

This 19 year old Beauty from Widnes, Merseyside is a model and influencer, Lauren became one of our ambassadors after taking CBD oil to help her anxiety, supreme cbd has helped her massively overcome her anxiety, Lauren states she sleeps much better and feels calmer especially night times after taking her 1000MG oil, we at supremecbd our proud and will support her every step of the way.

Conor Benn

This talented boxer & son of legendary champion Nigel Benn has been using supreme CBD to help him with his recovery before,during and after his long camps, Conor is known for his toughness inside the ring and to get that that level of performance takes a lot of training and the oil has been aiding him brilliantly in his recovery time, we are looking forward to see Conor break onto the world scene this year with we at supreme supporting his every move.

Conor choice of oil is 3000mg 30ml oil.

Anthony Fowler

“The machine” known by the boxing community for his physical presence, toughness and all round fitness, Anthony is a real supreme CBD ambassador, known for his knockout power inside the ring, Anthony is known for always being in great shape that does not come easy doing 3 sessions a day 6 days a week his body sometimes can feel the effects of his regime but with the help of supreme CBD he is able to recover super fast and keep his body working to enable for him to compete at the top level, this year is huge for the machine and we are looking forward to see him make a real statement in some big domestic showdowns.

 Anthony’s choice of oil is 6000mg 30ml oil.

John Hartson

Known for his goals on the pitch John has been using supreme CBD to help him achieve his personal goals in life after football. During Johns playing career john scored 167 goals at the top level of Scottish and English football, known for his 88 goals at Celtic during the earlys 2000s. Life after football presented John with different challenges which he met head on and won just like all the Ariel duels he won during his playing days. We at supreme can’t express how happy we are to have John as a ambassador, proud is a understatement to be supplying the best CBD to such a great sportsman but more importantly and great person. Check out the products and use code “Hartson” for 30% off all our lab tested oils, edibles, e liquid & balms.

Jake Quickenden

Jake is known for his time on shows such as “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” and the “x factor” to mention a few.

Jake is a larger than life character anyone who meets him is instantly amazed by his enthusiasm for his work what ever it may be, he will be 110% into his projects always getting results as he’s a massive hit with the nation everytime he’s on our screens.

A loveable character with bags full of energy needs to look after his body and us at supreme CBD are truely grateful Jake chose the best natural CBD products to keep his body ticking over for his hectic schedule.

Shaun Walsh

Shaun got heartbreaking news a couple of years back when he was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, Shaun was advised by a nurse to use cbd which he did and Shaun insists cbd was the main reason he got through his tough chemo sessions, while undergoing hours and hours of treatment Shaun amazed everybody by swimming 10k which he says the cbd helped him massively we at supreme have supported shauns journey from the start and we will continue to support him and his family with our products for life, Shaun is cancer free now and it’s staying that way F**KCANCER

Enzo Maccarinelli

The former cruiser weight champ loves his 3000mg oil, although being retired for a number of years it doesn’t keep him from a tough training program which involves training numerous fighters ontop of training himself to keep himself in terrific shape, the 3000mg keeps his body working before during and after his long gym days, we will continue supporting enzos journey inside and outside the ring for himself and his fighters.