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CBD Balms & Creams

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If you're looking to introduce CBD into your everyday routine, why not check out our incredible range of CBD balms and creamsOur products are formulated with the highest quality CBD oil, making our balms and creams an effective and natural way to improve your skin's health. No matter your needs, our CBD balms are the perfect additions to bringing a positive start to your day.

What Makes CBD Balms The Perfect Choice?

With so many ways to take and consume CBD, our range of CBD balms and creams are probably the easiest. Simply scoop out a finger-full of our balm and gently massage into your face after your morning wash routine. It's really that simple. Our creamy balms are packed full of moisturiser and are an essential extra when it comes to supporting your skin health and well-being. From moisturising dry skin to aiding muscle relaxation, our balms are designed to assist you in your daily wellness journey. Get ready to discover the potential of CBD balms, right at your fingertips! 

Here are just some of our best-selling CBD skincare products:

CBD Face Exfoliator

If you're looking for smooth and glowing skin (who isn't), why not try out our CBD Face Exfoliator. With 500mg of CBD packed into a handy 100ml container, it's an affordable addition to your skincare routine at just £24.99​

Psoroskin CBD Cream

Our Psoroskin CBD Cream comes with 1000mg of CBD in a 200ml pack, providing a nurturing touch to your skin for just £59.99.

CBD Muscle and Joint Rub Balm

Are you muscles tired after a long day of commuting or after a hard workout routine? If so, check out our CBD Muscle and Joint Rub Balm. It's a favourite with our brand ambassador, professional golfer, Carly Booth. It comes in two options: 50ml with 1000mg CBD for £29.99​​, and 100ml with 2000mg CBD for £49.99​​.

Active Heat Balm and Deep Freeze Balm

Whether you have a sports strain or you're looking for a balm that provides a cooling sensation, our Active Heat Balm and Deep Freeze Balm are best choices. Both are available in 50ml packs with 1000mg CBD for £29.99 each​​ (saving you 14% off the RRP), and 100ml packs with 2000mg CBD for £44.99 each​ (a massive saving of 25% off our RRP) .

CBD Skincare: Retinol Serum and Cleansing Serum

Our Correct & Protect CBD Skincare bundle includes a Retinol Serum and Cleansing Serum, each with 1000mg CBD in 30ml packs, for just £64.99. That's a saving of £26.99 off the regular price​.

Endorsed By Our Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors believe in the power of our CBD products. Professional golfer Carly Booth incorporates our CBD Muscle and Joint Rub Balm into her daily routine, and truly champions the benefits of our balms​

So what are you waiting for, why not try our CBD balms and skincare products today and experience the benefits for yourself. With a wide range of natural and effective formulas to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for you. Order now and get ready to experience our amazing natural skincare with our range of CBD balms and skincare products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to a number of studies, they suggest that CBD balms may help with reducing puffy skin and discomfort caused by certain skin issues. That being said, we're still learning about all the benefits of CBD balms, so the research is still ongoing!

If you're looking for a fast and effective way to tackle discomfort, CBD oil might be the way to go. However, if you want targeted relief in a specific area, our range of CBD balms are perfect.

There are a number of factors that can affect the length of time it takes to work. Having said that, studies show that it generally takes between 15-20 minutes

Can it be absorbed into the skin…the short answer is, Yes. CBD works by accessing the cannabinoid receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system, which are located all over the body.