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Can you take CBD oil on a plane? Read before flying with CBD oil


Can you take CBD oil on a plane? For the longest time, cannabis and cannabis-derived products were on the list of controlled substances across the world. The law in many countries did not differentiate between hemp and marijuana, or between the various forms that products derived from these plants can take. As a result, all products derived from hemp were banned, including those that do not contain significant THC levels.

But with much lobbying, the landscape is changing. More governments are moving to legalise the use of hemp-derived CBD products. However, it's worth understanding that the regulations differ from one jurisdiction to another. Some, like the UK, allow CBD products, as long as they meet certain criteria. The European Union is relatively lenient, allowing a margin of 0.2% THC in dry weight. In countries like the US, the threshold is higher, standing at 0.3% THC.

A common question for CBD users is whether it is legal to take CBD on a plane. We look at various regulations guiding aeroplane travel with CBD oil. We also look at the precautions one should take if you plan to travel with CBD oil.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward yes or no. In fact, it depends. The most important factor is your country of origin and regulations at your intended destination. It is prudent to confirm whether CBD is legal where you are going. You should also confirm if you are allowed to leave the airport with it.

The same also applies to flight changeovers. Remember, while you are at the airport, you need to adhere to the law of whichever country you are in.

Other than the legal matter of CBD being allowed or not, consider the permitted limit on liquids you can bring on board. Different airlines may differ on the limit but most allow up to 100ml liquid containers in your carry-on bag. The same goes for liquids in your checked bag, though this is generally not a suitable place to carry your CBD oil.

The laws governing the possession of CBD oil are a bit hazy at times. Consequently, it is wise to always ask before taking any step. You can ask embassy officials, your flight provider, or customs department about the do's and don't as it pertains to matters CBD. Here is a look at some of the regulations you are bound to encounter in various countries.

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European Union 

In most EU countries, CBD oil with 0.2% THC is allowed. For instance, CBD products are now being sold in supermarkets and stores under nutritional supplements in the UK. The hemp-derived CBD is no longer covered under the 1971 misuse of drugs act, giving it legal status.

Some countries in the European Union have varying degrees of permissible Levels of THC. In Italy, they allow up to 0.6% THC levels and Austria 0.3%.

Therefore, in the UK and some European countries, bringing your CBD products on any international flight is allowed. Of course, this is subject to adhering to the permitted liquid rule. But we recommend you print out a copy of the third-party lab test results and original packaging of your CBD product. The test results will confirm what is on the packaging label of your CBD oil.

United States 

After the Farm Bill of 2018, a lot changed for the cannabis industry in the US. All CBD with less than 0.3% THC is legal under federal law. However, the situation is a bit tricky where the state law differs from federal law. 

While some states only allow CBD and medical marijuana under prescription, others have gone further and legalised recreational marijuana. But CBD is illegal in Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota. It is important that you carry out due diligence to discover to what extent CBD is legal in your intended destination. 

This is crucial as, if you are contravening the state law, you may be arrested. In the US, domestic flights do not pose a problem. You can take CBD oil on a plane without a glitch so long as you have the proper documentation to show it is within the legal limits. 

But international flights is a different scenario altogether. If even trace amounts of THC are present in your CBD oil, you may end up facing charges. We recommend not travelling with CBD products on an international flight into the US. Buy the CBD oil at your destination.

How about Canada?

In Canada, the law is clear in that there is no entering or leaving the country with cannabis products. But the country allows medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. Products with various THC levels are available in Canada, and they are sold throughout the country by authorised resellers. You can breathe easy knowing that every product is tested before it goes on sale. 

We recommend not to carry any CBD products while flying into Canada. Buy some CBD oil when you arrive there. Ensure you tell the level of THC that you would prefer.

Middle East

There are strict rules about cannabis and cannabis-derived products throughout most parts of the Middle East. This includes CBD. They are considered illegal drugs. And the penalties for possession could land you in serious trouble with the law. In some countries, the penalty is death, while in others, the jail term is a minimum of four years.

The only country that is different in this region is Israel. You are allowed to bring medicinal cannabis into Israel but only with a prescription. When travelling to this region, avoid all cannabis products except for Israel.


Most of Asia has strict regulations regarding cannabis-derived products. They do not distinguish between CBD and THC – rather they are all lumped together. The governments here consider them dangerous and addictive. The only country where you are free to travel with your CBD oil is India. But the CBD oil must not contain more than 0.3% THC. 

Japan and Singapore allow CBD oil but with 0% THC. Japanese manufacturers refine their CBD to contain 0% THC. If you are travelling, your best bet is to obtain CBD from the local suppliers. Unless you are travelling to India, Japan or Singapore, avoid carrying any form of CBD.


CBD and all cannabis-derived products are illegal in Africa except for South Africa. In South Africa, you can bring CBD with you, though under strict regulations. It must not contain more than 0.2% THC and 0.0075% CBD. Also, the daily dosage may not exceed 20mg. If you exceed this limit, you must have a doctor's prescription.

South America

Due to widespread issues with drug trafficking, most countries in this region have classified CBD as a narcotic drug. In a country such as Brazil, medical CBD is allowed. In this case, you would have to travel with your prescription at all times, and the prescribing doctor must be Brazilian. However, this is unlikely to apply to you if you are flying in to the country, so it's safer not travel with your CBD. Similarly, in Uruguay, medicinal CBD is permitted for residents only.

In the Caribbean, CBD is illegal on most of the islands. That is except for Jamaica, the US Virgin Islands and Antigua.



Tips to make life easier when flying with CBD oil 

  • In countries where THC level is being checked, choose broad-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Print out all the documentation that is required
  • Maintain original packaging to avoid delays at the airport
  • Check with customs or an embassy official if you are not sure about rules in your destination
  • If CBD oil is available in your destination, don't carry CBD oil; buy it where you are going if they regulations permit
  • Store the CBD oil in your carry-on bag where it will be safer
  • Never hide your CBD oil as it may cause delays
  • It is best to avoid travelling with hemp flowers as they tend to smell and look like marijuana flowers – this can lead to unwanted complications and delays
  • Adhere to the 100ml liquid rule while boarding a plane
  • Ensure the containers carrying your CBD oil are leak-proof
  • Electronic vaping devices should stay in your carry on bag, not your checked bags

Summary on carrying CBD oil on a plane 

Can you take CBD oil on a plane? While CBD oil may be legal to carry on domestic flights, not all countries have legalised the supplement. It is upon you to carry out due diligence on the rules and regulations of your destination. Also, other countries may allow CBD oil but limit the levels of THC.

For this reason, it is important to buy CBD oil from a reputable supplier who provides third-party lab test results. Maintain the original packaging and always carry relevant documentation to make the authorities' work easier. If you can find CBD oil at your destination and the regulations permit it, it may be easier to simply buy while you are there.

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