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Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?

CBD oil is in high demand, and so you won't want to waste a drop of what you buy. Considering that you can only take a few drops each day, it is important to avoid it spoiling before you can make the most of it. That’s why it’s common for some people to ask the question, “Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?”

Like any other organic product, CBD oil must be stored appropriately to preserve its quality. Ideally, it should come with storage instructions on the label, but they are not always clear enough. Additionally, there has been some confusion over how it should be stored because of the many variables involved.

In this article, we will help you answer this question and give tips on how best to store and preserve your CBD oil.

Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?

The short answer is: not always. It first depends on the type of CBD oil you have. And even if the CBD oil you have can be refrigerated, that doesn't mean you have to do so.

The long answer is that refrigeration can be one of the best ways to preserve your CBD oil, even though it is not mandatory. There are other ways you can store the product to extend its shelf life. 

CBD oil is sensitive to moisture, excess heat, air exposure, and direct sunlight. This is why storing your CBD oil in a bottle and keeping it in a dark place like a pantry or a dry cabinet is a good idea. Keeping it in a fridge is just one option, and it comes with some consequences. 

Remember, before you store your CBD oil in the fridge, make sure the bottle is tightly sealed. Otherwise, the components of the CBD oil will decompose due to the air and humidity in the fridge or freezer. Besides, your CBD oil might start to smell like the things you’ve stored in your fridge or freezer, which can be quite unpleasant!

Typically, you should only refrigerate the product when you’ve just bought it, and the bottle is still airtight. If you’ve opened it once, avoid refrigeration.

What are the benefits of refrigeration?

All CBD products have a shelf life and will go bad after a specified period – typically two years. You can extend the shelf life of your CBD oil by storing it in the fridge, just as you would with many other products that can spoil. The cooler temperatures protect essential cannabinoids and terpenes in the product. It also helps to keep the CBD oil fresh for a longer period.

If you live in an a colder environment, then a cool and dry cupboard or drug cabinet will keep your CBD oil in good condition. But if you live in an area that experiences extreme heat, it can be better to store your CBD oil in the fridge. CBD products must be kept in cool and dark places and below 21 degrees Celsius.

However, the idea here is to refrigerate the oil and not to freeze it. It is not advisable to store your CBD oil under extremely cold conditions.

So, does CBD oil need to be refrigerated? If you purchase your CBD oil in small quantities and plan to use it in a few days or weeks after purchase, you have no reason to keep it in the fridge. But, if you buy it in large quantities and don’t plan to use it anytime soon, refrigeration might help to keep the product fresher for longer.

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What happens if you keep CBD oil in a fridge?

If you do decide to use the fridge to store your CBD oil, here are some of the things you should expect. 

Don’t be surprised when you see some changes to your CBD oil when you get it out of the freezer or fridge. When exposed to colder temperatures, the chemical components of CBD oil behave differently. It thickens or forms crystals when refrigerated. This makes it difficult to draw the product from its bottle or package. Also, the oil may appear cloudier. This might make it look a little weird, but it doesn’t necessarily affect the quality of your CBD oil.

You can remedy such situations in various ways. First, run the bottle containing the CBD oil under warm water for a few seconds until it returns to its original form. The heat will melt the CBD oil, helping it flow freely from the bottle.

Alternatively, you can simply move the product to somewhere like a cupboard or on your counter at room temperature. Leave it there for a few hours to warm up on its own, and you’ll be able to use it without any issues.

What should you consider when storing your CBD oil?

When it comes to storing CBD oil, or any other CBD product, you should consider various factors including:


CBD oil doesn’t react well to high temperatures. If exposed to excess heat, the product becomes inconsistent. The extreme heat breaks down all the essential elements in CBD oil, and limits its potential benefits. Therefore, CBD oil should be stored at temperatures below 21 degrees Celsius. For long-term storage, refrigeration might be ideal, but it’s not mandatory.


When you keep your CBD oil in direct sunlight, it can be damaged by UV rays. To prevent light degradation, it is recommended to store your CBD products in dark places like the fridge or cupboard. CBD oil products do come in tinted bottles to block the light – check the packaging of one of our top CBD oil products for an example. However, you can't rely on this to protect the oil from direct sunlight.


Air contains molecules such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen which can react with CBD oil. Of these molecules, oxygen causes the most damage and can make your product deteriorate if you leave it in the open. When oxygen gets into your CBD oil, it breaks down your product much faster through a process called oxidative stress.

All CBD oil products are packaged in airtight containers to prevent the oil from coming into contact with the air. But to use the product, you need to open the bottle containing the oil, which means you have to expose it to the air. 

This is one of the reasons why CBD oil is packed in relatively small quantities, so that it won’t take you too long to consume it all once you open the bottle. Just make sure you tighten the cover on the bottle after every use.

Tips on storing your CBD oil

Now you should have the answer to the question, "does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?" Here are a few more tips to help you store your CBD oil properly.

1. Store your CBD oil away from any source of heat

Do not leave your CBD oil inside your car, especially when the weather is scorching. If you live in an area that experiences very hot weather, it can be a good idea to store your product in a cool place like the fridge. Also, keep your CBD oil away from appliances that produce heat, such as televisions, dishwashers, ovens, and lighting.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Store your CBD oil in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight. Avoid keeping it near the window or anywhere that gets direct sunlight. The best places include the cupboard, cabinet, and fridge. Also, only buy CBD products with tinted bottles to protect them against UV rays.

3. Avoid exposing your CBD oil to air

Always make sure the CBD oil package is airtight. If you open it for use, make sure to screw the lid back on tightly to avoid oxidative stress.

4. Store it in a safe place

You should keep your CBD oil away from children and pets. The product is safe for humans, but it could have some adverse effects on those who are not used to consuming it. If a child or pet takes it by accident, they might experience nausea, appetite changes, and lethargy. If you suspect this, contact a medical professional.

The bottom line

It is not necessary to refrigerate your CBD oil, but storing it in the fridge can help extend its shelf life. A refrigerator helps provides the right temperature for storing CBD products. So, those who buy CBD oil products in bulk can store them in a fridge to maintain their freshness. But take note that you’ll notice some changes to your CBD oil when you refrigerate it. For instance, the oil becomes thicker and cloudier, and hence more difficult to use.

Above all, you should read the storage recommendations of the manufacturer to determine the best storage conditions for the particular CBD oil product you have.

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