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How long does CBD stay in your system?

New users of CBD products can have lots of questions they want to be answered. Many of them wonder if it’s an intoxicating compound, having been extracted from the cannabis plant (it isn’t). Others worry that it could have significant side effects when (it doesn’t!). Another common question is “how long does CBD stay in your system?”

The effect of CBD lasts 2 to 3 days, but this depends on a lot of variables. However, you shouldn’t worry about testing positive for illicit drugs when using CBD products. In this guide, we look at how long CBD can stay in your system, the factors that influence it, and when you should worry about drug screening.


The factors that determine how long CBD stays in your system

Th effects of CBD can vary from one person to another. Several factors also affect how long it can stay in the system and how long its effects last. Here’s a list of things you should take note of:

The dosage

Like with many other substances, whether medicinal or not, the more you consume, the greater the effects and the longer it can take to flush it out of your body. If you are taking CBD, it is important that you only use the recommended dose. 

You can buy CBD in a wide variety of concentrations and forms. We offer our full spectrum CBD oil in 7 different concentrations, from our mildest 500mg CBD oil all the way to our super strong 6000mg CBD oil

We find that our most popular tend to be our 1500mg CBD oil or our 3000mg CBD oil - as these allow you to manage the dosage well.

Other products tend to have a lower concentration of CBD, such as our CBD gummy bears that contain 16mg of CBD per sweet.

How you take it

There are several ways to consume CBD. The method you choose will affect the length of time that it will take in your system and how fast your body absorbs it. You can choose to take CBD through tinctures, oils, edibles, creams, lotions, pills, capsules, or vaping. 

Vaping, one of the popular methods of taking CBD, allows you to consume CBD using vape pens, sending it directly to your lungs. You might feel its effects more quickly, but it will also leave your body quicker. Tinctures and oils allow CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. You may feel the CBD effects immediately after you take them. 

When you take other edible forms of CBD, your digestive system will take time to metabolize it. This means that it will take longer in the system. Lotions and creams also take time to get in and out of the system. 

Your body reception

Everyone reacts differently to any substance they introduce to their body. How you will respond to CBD depends on your metabolism, water content, and body mass index. If your metabolism is fast, CBD may get out of your system faster than when compared with a person with a slow metabolism.

How often you take CBD

If you take CBD frequently, you will be more tolerant of its effects, and this can also affect how long it stays in your system. CBD takes time to build up in the body. This is why some experts might advise beginners to start slow and build their way up to the full dosage.

Your diet

The type of food you eat, the amount you consume, and when you eat it will affect how fast CBD reacts and how long it stays in your body. If you take CBD before eating any food, you might feel its effects faster, but it might also get out of your system more quickly.


How long does CBD stay in your system: how long the effects last

CBD is mainly absorbed into the body in oil form and stored in the fat cells. It can remain undetectable for several weeks. Unlike other chemical compounds from the cannabis plant that contain THC, which is the compound that makes a person feel ‘high’. CBD is not psychoactive because it either doesn’t contain THC at all or it only contains extremely small amounts. 0.2% THC is the most that CBD oil can legally contain in the UK. If THC content is something that you’re concerned about, our CBD oil contains 0% THC.

According to a study, CBD is estimated to remain in the system for at least two to five days, especially when taken as oil. However, the effects can only last between two to eight hours. If you vape CBD, it may only stay in your system for 31 hours. Of course, this is determined by factors like the dosage and a person’s metabolism.

To enjoy the effects of CBD, you should pay attention to how you take it and the amount you take in. How you administer or take CBD will determine the effects you may get from it as well. For example, if you take CBD capsules, tablets, or edibles, the CBD passes through the liver. When you do this, less of it will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

According to some experts, the best ways to take CBD are through vaping or using CBD oil tinctures, which you take sublingually (under the tongue). This will allow more CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream faster. You may feel its effects on your system immediately. 

Can CBD be tested in your urine?

A urine test for drugs is one of the main ways of screening employees or athletes.

THC metabolites are believed to show up on a urine test between three to fourteen days after the last dose. If you are a frequent user, the metabolites can detect the presence of THC even 15 days after consumption. 

However, all CBD produced legally in the UK will have less than 0.2% THC and if you’re at all worried about that amount, you can opt for broad spectrum CBD, that typically contains 0% THC.

With CBD produced in the UK, you shouldn’t have to worry about testing positive for THC in a drug test, however, CBD produced in other countries can be less regulated and so you should be cautious about where you buy CBD products.

How long does CBD stay in your blood?

CBD or THC is quickly flushed out from the bloodstream. Generally, a blood test can only detect THC metabolites’ presence if it is done within five hours after you take it. Because of this, blood tests are not common for THC screening.

These tests screen for THC, the intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. Our broad spectrum ‘Athlete’s choice’ range CBD products do not contain THC, and will remain undetected regardless of the type of screening. However, unregulated CBD products may contain higher trace amounts of THC, which might show up in blood, saliva, hair, or urine tests.

If you are worried about the CBD products you use containing any amount of THC, you may want to avoid full spectrum CBD, as these could contain up to 0.2% THC.


How long does CBD stay in your system: CBD FAQ’S

How can I avoid THC in CBD products?

CBD isolates and broad-spectrum CBD do not contain THC. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD because all traces of THC are removed from it. The isolate exists in oil form and can be found in several CBD products. Products with Broad-spectrum CBD contain all the naturally occurring cannabinoids that do not contain THC. Since drug tests only screen for THC metabolites, they cannot detect the presence of CBD in the system. To avoid products that traceable amounts of THC, you should consider using a product that contains broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolates. 

Do I need a prescription for CBD?

CBD does not require a prescription. You can order online or buy it in certain shops, like health shops. Like with other medication, you must be of legal age before buying any CBD product.

How much CBD should I take?

Your dosage will depend on your level of experience and the effect you are going for. The products contain as low as 2mg to 1500mg. If you are new to CBD, you might like to start with a lower dose and increase the dosage once your system is familiar with it. 

The takeaway

CBD produced in the UK can’t contain more than 0.2% THC, so you shouldn’t have to worry about failing drug tests and you definitely don’t need to worry about being intoxicated. However, if you’re really worried about it, you should opt for broad spectrum CBD containing 0% THC, which you’ll find in any of our athlete’s range!

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