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How to spot a good quality CBD vape kit

CBD popularity is on the increase with more people trying out the cannabinoid every day. As a result, there's increasing the demand for the best CBD vape kit available on the market.

The CBD supplement comes in many forms, such as:

  • tinctures
  • oils
  • creams
  • balms
  • vapes
  • and many more

A quality CBD vape device effortlessly turns CBD e-liquid into vapour, which you inhale through the mouth. Most of the devices available in the market are simple to use. There are also special kits tailored for first-time users to make the experience much more pleasant.

Some of the best CBD vape kits come with detailed instructions. The instructions often make it easy for everyone to use, including those without prior experience. They include CBD vape pens and mods. Though there are differences between these different types, they operate in the same way.

In this post, we share with you some insights on the best CBD vape kits so you can make an informed choice when buying them. Before that, we look at some of the reasons why vaping is so popular compared to the other methods of taking CBD.

How does vaping CBD compare to other methods?

While traditional methods of taking CBD such as tinctures and oils are some people's preferred choice, vaping has become the go to, especially with younger users. The following are some of the reasons one would choose vaping over other methods.


When we talk about bioavailability, we mean how long it takes for CBD to reach your bloodstream and how much CBD makes it there. When you orally take CBD, it has to follow the digestion route before your body absorbs it into the bloodstream. The process takes roughly two to three hours. The amount that makes it to the body is about 4% of the CBD that you take.

Vaping lessens the time by a considerable amount. Since you inhale it into the lungs, it reaches the body through the lung membranes. The process can take anywhere from five to ten minutes. Compared to taking CBD orally, a whopping 50% of the CBD becomes available to your body.

Topical CBD products, such as balms, salves, lotions and creams, are designed for specific areas of your body and never make it to the bloodstream. For example, when you apply a cream, it only works on the surrounding muscle and tissues.

Customised dosing

CBD oil and tinctures can be hard to dose for inexperienced first-time users. The difficulty is partly due to some droppers not having clear markings. But also positioning the dropper can be quite a challenge. Edibles are even more difficult to dose because let’s face it, if you're eating CBD infused pasta, how do you know the amount of CBD in each forkful?

CBD vape kits make it easy to customise your dosage. You only need to make a few calculations to the VG: PG ratios to fit your desired CBD amount. That way, you take as much CBD as you need.

The choice to take up vaping is not for everyone. You can still opt for all the other methods available, but if you do choose to vape, you will need a vape device.

Anatomy of the best CBD vape kit

Vape devices comprise a battery, mouthpiece and cartridge:


The battery is what powers the device. The longer the battery, the stronger it is. Most of the devices have stick batteries of various strengths. They usually have 510 standard threads making them compatible across various brands.


The mouthpiece is what you use to inhale the vapour through. Some devices have fixed mouthpieces, while others opt for removable ones.


An atomiser comprises metal coils that are powered by the battery to heat the CBD e-liquid vaporising it. The coils may be replaceable or fixed. It also carries the cotton that soaks up the liquid, holding it during heating.  


The cartridge holds the CBD e-liquid in some of the vape kits. It is either pre-filled or for more advanced users the cartridge may be refillable. Most starter kits come with prefilled cartridges. Once the prefill runs out of CBD e-liquid, you discard it and buy another one.

There is a major difference between CBD e-liquid and nicotine e-liquid. The latter is thick compared to the former. Try not to use a kit meant for nicotine vape juice to vape CBD e-liquid as it will leak. If it does, you may end up causing a mess in your pocket, wasting your CBD.

When choosing the best CBD vape kit, what do you look for?

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Qualities of the best CBD vape kit

The CBD vaping kits available on the market are many and varied. You can choose from the different designs and colours to fit your taste. But there are some common qualities that a vaping kit should possess to qualify as the best. They include but are not limited to:

Ease of use

A good CBD vape kit should be easy to use. Detachable chargers are common in most vape kits, making it easy to connect and charge your battery. Some of the best CBD vape kits come with fast charging capabilities meaning you don’t have to wait for long.

Operating the CBD vape kit should not be complicated. In the market, we have push-button or draw-activated vape kits. It should be straight forward and if universal, the better.

Small size

You are looking for a CBD vape kit that is going to fit in your pocket. The vape pens come in sizes as small as a pen. While pods are slightly bigger, vape pens could be longer depending on the battery length. They are still small enough to bring with you anywhere.

Mouth to lung draw

The best CBD vape kit is the one that has a mouth to lung draw. This draw makes it easier on you while vaping as you don’t need extra strength. Direct to lung draws are not everyone’s cup of tea: you can choose a different vape kit design if it suits your needs.

Refilling should be easy

When dealing with a refillable cartridge, it should come with a blunt syringe for easy refilling. The instructions for refilling should also be clear. The refilling port needs to be easy to find and use.

Replaceable coils

Though not all CBD vape kits have this feature, the best CBD vape kits have replaceable coils. They save you money in the long run as you don’t have to buy a new vape kit every time your coils wear out or burn.

Summary on the best CBD vape kits

Vaping is a popular method of taking CBD, especially among the youth. It is easy to use vaping devices even without prior experience. CBD vaping makes it more bioavailable compared to other methods. This bioavailability makes it suitable if you need to get a hit immediately. It is also easy to customise your dose.

A good CBD vape kit comprises a mouthpiece, an atomiser, a cartridge and a battery. It should be designed with CBD e-liquid, not Nicotine e-liquid, as the two have different thickness. The two should also never mix.

The best CBD vape kit should be easy to use and operate. In addition to a pocket-size kit, a mouth to lung draw found on many standard kits is desirable. Refilling of the CBD vape kit should be hassle-free, and the best vape kit should have replaceable coils.

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