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Loyalty Help Center

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Here you can see some Frequently Asked Questions

You need to be logged into your account on the Supreme CBD website, then you'll be able see your points near the top of our Loyalty page here

Some activities, including purchasing and leaving a review require a cooling off period. Your points will automatically be validated and be ready to use 14 days after any purchase you make. You can see pending points on the loyalty page.

1 point is equivalent to £0.01  - so for 500 points you can redeem £5, for 1,000 points you can redeem £10 and so on.

There are two ways to use your points:

  1. When logged into your account, you can use the points slider found at the checkout to decide how many points you would like to spend on a discount for your order.  You will need a minimum of 100 points to use this function and it can be used to give you a discount from £1 and up on your order depending on how many points you have available.

  2. Alternatively, when logged into your account you can visit the Loyalty page and issue yourself a discount code to use later on. This will provide you with a code to use at checkout and can be used in £5 increments.  You will need a minimum of 500 points to use this feature.

Yes! You can earn points for a variety of activities which won’t cost you a penny. You will find a list of these on the loyalty page.  

This is actually the best way for you to earn points on your account.  If you have a friend who you feel could also benefit from CBD, send them your personal Referral link (you can find this on the loyalty page when you are logged into your account)  - this will give them an automatic discount on their first order, and if they decide to use it -  you’ll automatically be given X points on your account to spend as you wish.