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A simple guide to choosing a CBD vape kit

CBD is now a common substance in the supplement world. As its popularity grows, so too do the ways of taking it. There are now a plethora of ways to take your dose of CBD. You can use tinctures or edibles, or even apply it as a topical cream or rub.

Of all the methods you can use to consume this compound, vaping is one of the most common and the most convenient. It involves inhaling CBD into the lungs, where it quickly absorbs into your bloodstream. To enjoy CBD this way, you need a CBD vape kit.

When choosing a vape kit for CBD, you need to understand how it works and how it’s going to impact your vaping experience. That’s why we have created this guide. Read on to find out everything you need to know about CBD vape kits.

What is a CBD vape kit?

A CBD vape kit is a device used to take CBD by inhaling it in a vapour, much in the same way as you would an e-cigarette. This kit is specially configured to work well with the relatively thin consistency of CBD vape, which is quite different from regular vape juices.

Unlike regular vape kits, a CBD vape kit shouldn’t have air holes that might allow the liquid to escape. A typical CBD vape device is smaller in size and features a number of parts, including:

  • Cartridge – cartridges hold the CBD e-liquid within them to serve during vaping. Your cartridge will include a ceramic coil together with a steel and glass tank, which might be refillable depending on the kit you've chosen.
  • Battery – this part powers the vaping device to vaporise the CBD juice. It is often a lithium rechargeable battery, unless you are buying disposable vape pens.
  • Charger – This is usually a USB charger and recharges the battery.
  • CBD e-liquid – This is the CBD vape liquid that you use in your vape device in order to take your CBD.

How to choose a CBD vape kit

When it comes to choosing the right CBD vape kit, understanding that vape juice is thinner than your regular e-liquids is critical. If you miss this point then you are likely going to buy big cloud kits, which will only cause leakages and inconvenience during your vaping. You should go for modest vape devices with a coil resistance of more than 1.0 ohm.

Some of the CBD vape kits out there come with adjustable components, while others don’t. If you go with a kit that is adjustable, make sure they have a low wattage, because the nature of CBD e-liquids means that they evaporate faster. Here are some things you should consider when choosing your kit.

Ease of use

Whatever device you choose, convenience should be the main reason for your purchase. Usability means you should be able to fill the cartridge and operate the device without struggle.

Pocket sized

If you are taking a dose of CBD several times a day, you want to be able to vape when it’s time to do so. That calls for a pocket-friendly device. You don’t want it bulging in your pocket making it more of an inconvenience. Also, it should be well designed so it doesn’t spill e-liquid into your pockets.

It should facilitate mouth to lung draw 

The whole essence of getting a CBD vape kit is so you can take CBD in a fast and efficient way. And you can only achieve this with a vape device that facilitates mouth to lung draws without causing a burning sensation.

Replaceable coils

Getting a vape kit with replaceable coils is not a necessity. However, if you do this, you'll save lots of money in the long run. If you get a device where you can’t replace the coil, you’ll need to dispose of it in a few weeks when the coil spoils. Replaceable options will only require you to invest in coils, which are cheaper than replacing the whole unit.

Choosing your CBD vape device

There are many types of vape device you can choose from. Some are easier to use than others. It can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, and especially if you are new to vaping, just choose one of the easiest options (disposables lead the way here). Once you’ve understood how CBD vape works, you can then move to refillable cartridges and pods. Here are your options:

Disposable CBD vape pens

Disposable CBD vape pens come relatively cheap and are very easy to use. They are also small in size and extremely lightweight. This CBD vape kit comes with a battery and an inbuilt coil, and is prefilled with e-liquid. They can last you for a little while, but then, as you might have guessed, you'll have to replace them.

CBD oil cartridges

Just like disposables, CBD oil cartridges come prefilled with CBD distillate or CBD vape juice. They are easy to use because they don’t require any additional operation other than a battery thread.

CBD pods

These are quite similar to CBD oil cartridges but they are compatible with JUUL batteries. They are simple to use; just take your CBD pod and snap it in a compatible JUUL battery and you're away.

Refillable CBD vape devices

As the name suggests, these CBD vape kits require refilling to use. They may not be as convenient to use as disposables but that does not mean they are complicated to handle. You just need to refill the tank, make sure everything is in order and enjoy vaping the contents. You’ll also have to maintain it. The initial costs for refillable vape devices are relatively high, but they save you a lot of money in the long run.

Determining your CBD vape dosage

If you choose to start taking CBD, dosing it properly is important. And this is true whichever method you decide to use.

But unfortunately, when it comes to dosage, there's no one-size-fits-all rule. It's not possible to make a simple recommendation like “X puffs three times a day of CBD vape” – it simply won't be suitable to every CBD vaper. That’s because people choose to take CBD differently.

Therefore, you have to determine what amount of CBD is suitable for you. A lot of factors contribute to the CBD vape juice you will want to take. 

These factors include:

  • your metabolism
  • your body chemistry
  • how long you’ve been taking CBD
  • why you are taking CBD
  • the concentration of your CBD
  • your body mass/weight

We recommend you start with a small dose then gradually increase what you are taking by 5mg intervals. Once you’ve reached a point you're happy with, consider that the right dose for you.

The most common question that arises when we mention dosing vape is “how much CBD is in each puff?”

Again, this question has no single answer because of the many variables. The most important one is how you vape. Depending on your vaping style, you might take a lot of vapour out of a single puff, lose some on the way, or only take in little. But you can at least find out exactly how much CBD is in your vape device.

How much CBD is in my vape device?

The first thing you need to know is the potency of the vape juice you are getting. Credible sellers list the capacity of the bottle in ml together with its CBD contents in mg. To determine the potency, you'll need to divide the mg by the ml.

Once you’ve determined the amount of CBD in the bottle, find out the capacity of your CBD vape kit. This can be anywhere from 0.5ml to something above 5ml, depending on the cartridge capacity. The benefit of using specially designed cartridges for CBD vaping is that they are already labelled with the capacity and potency, which makes it easy to dose.

Let's look an example to make this process clearer.

An example dosage calculation

If we take our Supreme CBD 50ml bottle of e-liquid containing 1500mg CBD, we should divide 1500mg by 50ml to get 30 as its potency. This means that every ml of this e-liquid contains 30mg of CBD. Now let’s say your vape tank holds 3ml of e-liquid. So, we’ll multiply 3ml by 20 to get 60mg of CBD for every filled tank.

This means that, when you vape the entire tank, you’ll be sure of the amount of CBD you’ve taken. If you want to know the approximate contents of CBD in your puff, you’ll have to carefully record the number of puffs you take then divide it by 60mg. The number you get here will be an approximation, however, because not all your puffs will be equal.

To make things simple, there are devices that count the number of puffs you take. All you need to do is reset your vape kit before filling it up, then it automatically starts recording puffs when you pull vapour through.

Final thoughts on CBD vape kits

There are many CBD vape kits out there. You just need to research and understand what you are looking for to get the best quality possible for your money. We suggest making sure the vape kit is:

  • easy to use
  • pocket-sized for portability
  • causes no burning sensations
  • and has replaceable coils for cost-efficiency.
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