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Best way to take CBD oil: Tips to help you get the most of your oil

Most beginner CBD oil users often want to know the best way to take CBD oil because there are so many ways to take it. For example, CBD oil drops can be swallowed or taken sublingually. You can blend the oil into your favourite drink or even apply it over your skin. "The best way to take CBD oil" depends on your preferred way to take CBD.

In this post, we explore these methods and give tips on how to get the most out of your CBD oil.

The best way to take CBD oil

Always remember that when it comes to taking CBD, the method that works for one person may not work for another. To find the right way for yourself, you have to experiment with the available options until you reach one that suits you.

There is a variety of factors that may contribute to the way you take your CBD oil. Some of these include the format in which your CBD oil is featured and the other ingredients present in it. CBD comes in three forms which are:

Manufacturers indicate the form of CBD on the label of your oil or on the third party results. If you can’t find this information anywhere, don't buy the product. Always source your products from credible suppliers, and insist on third party lab test results. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains the complete chemical profile of the Hemp plant. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds from the hemp plant except for THC. CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD containing nothing else but the cannabinoid.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy your CBD:

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In a tincture

The tincture comes in easy to use droppers that help you to administer the oil into your mouth. The recommended way to consume tinctures is through sublingual administration. This means placing drops of oil under the tongue and letting it linger there for no less than 90 seconds.  

To administer CBD oil sublingually, slightly bend your head backwards, open your mouth and lift your tongue. Place the oil into the dropper and position it under your tongue. Place the preferred number of drops,  close your mouth and hold the oil under there. You can swallow the residue.

Manufacturers make tinctures by infusing a carrier oil with any preferred form of CBD. When you take a tincture sublingually, the CBD bypasses the digestive system. It is transported to the bloodstream through the mucous membranes, directly availing the CBD oil to the body in a few minutes.

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In a gummy

CBD oil is very versatile, and you can use it in various treats, including gummies and hard candy. Have fun whipping up your gummies at home, even with minimal cooking skills. You only need a few ingredients and CBD oil of your choice. Get recipes like the one we share here, and you are all set to enjoy delicious homemade CBD gummies in a few minutes. 

They are easy to bring along when you are travelling. One can take gummies throughout the day to give you a boost as you need. Do not worry if you can not make them yourself, as you can buy CBD gummies of your choice. 

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In baked goods 

Infuse CBD oil in butter that you will use to make various pastries such as cookies, muffins, cupcakes, among the many baked goods available. With minimal baking skills, CBD infused butter is straightforward, and you will be on your way to enjoying your treats. 

When baking with CBD oil, infusing it with butter makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb. But you can also add a few drops of CBD oil to your barter if you do not want to make CBD butter.

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In CBD infused drinks

Add oomph to any drink by infusing it with CBD oil. On a hot summer day, add CBD oil to that refreshing cold drink and quench your thirst while taking your daily dose of CBD. Add CBD oil-infused butter to your morning cup of coffee for that extra kick in the morning. Dutch-style coffee will give you a refreshing start to your day.

Add a few drops of CBD oil to your smoothie to mask the oil taste and enjoy any time of the day. You can also make an alcoholic infused drink by adding CBD oil to your wine, rum, or beer. Any favourite drink of your choice will do.

CBD oil can be added to almost any dish, sauce, or drink. Allowing you plenty of creativity and freedom. The only precaution to keep in mind is that CBD loses its potency if exposed to high temperatures. If a recipe calls for temperatures above 315F, lower the temperature but cook for longer.

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In a vape

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective ways to use this supplement. When you inhale CBD using a vape device, it reaches the bloodstream in a few minutes. But the effects also fade in a very short time. It's worth noting that it's not healthy to inhale CBD oil. Fortunately, there are CBD oils specifically designed for vaping. Ensure the label clearly says it is for vaping and safe to inhale.

In a topical

CBD oil topicals such as rubs and balms provide an excellent way to get the effects of CBD oil in a targeted area. It is often blended with oils such as coconut oils and beeswax, making them easy to apply.

Ingested CBD oil takes some time before it makes it to the bloodstream as it has to go through the digestive system.

Ensure you buy quality CBD oil to get the most benefits. As a consumer, there are a few things that you can do to get the most of your CBD oil.

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Tips to get the most of your CBD oil

When you take that first step and buy a bottle of quality CBD oil, ensuring you get the most from your oil is the next logical step. Storing your oil correctly is crucial in protecting its potency. Do not expose it to sunlight, heat, and humidity, as they are CBD oil’s biggest enemies. 

Experts advise having dedicated storage space. A cabinet or drawer in the living room or bedroom should do. Cover your bottle of CBD oil with aluminium foil when travelling for the best results. In addition, keep your CBD oil bottle closed to prevent contaminants from spoiling your oil.

How do you determine the correct dose for you?

CBD oil dosage

Many factors affect CBD dosing, such as body weight, age, gender, among others. Due to these considerations, you need to find and stick to the optimum dosage that only suits you. To find this optimum dose, you need to experiment with various amounts until you reach your sweet spot. 

To do this, experts recommend you start with the lowest dose for your body weight and age group. Consistently take this for a week and ensure you record how you feel daily. Evaluate and adjust accordingly depending on how you feel.

Once you find your optimum dose, be consistent in taking the CBD oil for the best results. With time you may notice this amount may not be as effective. This is because the body becomes used to this dose, and you may need to adjust it upwards.   

To summaries the best ways to take CBD oil

There are many ways to take CBD oil, including sublingual, edibles, topicals, and vapes. The choice ultimately depends on the individual. There is no right or wrong way to take CBD oil as long as it gets to the body. Some methods, such as sublingual avail CBD to the body quickly, while others, like edibles – take longer because of the digestive process.

When you are on the journey to find your optimum dose, exercise patience and consistency for the best results. Stick with your optimum dose for the best results. Buy your CBD oil from reputable suppliers to get the best quality and value for your money.

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