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How many CBD gummies should I eat? A guide to gummy dosage

How many CBD gummies should I eat, you ask?

Gummies have been a popular snack for many people throughout their entire lives. Their sugary taste makes these sweets a must-have, and they are a perfect method for taking CBD. CBD gummies are an excellent choice when you want to be discreet about taking CBD. Nobody will look at you strangely when chewing a gummy, unlike placing drops of CBD under your tongue.

CBD gummies come in different flavours catering to every palette. These include sweet, sour, and a host of other flavours. For those who like healthy options, vegan, keto, and paleo are also available.

Alternatively, you can even make your CBD gummy bears from scratch, should you know the recipe.  

The question of how many gummies you should eat is dependent on your daily dose of CBD. Once you determine this dose, you can then go ahead and do calculations depending on the potency of each gummy. Before we do this, let us tell you how CBD gummies came to be.

What are CBD gummies?

The first-ever gummy candy to be produced was the gummy bear by a German confectioner, Hans Riegel Sr. Hans was inspired by some dancing bears that performed at street fairs, and he created the bear-shaped candy, calling it the dancing bear. It was a hit, and soon after other candy producers followed suit, becoming more innovative with shapes. 

Gummies now come in various shapes, including rings, fruits, bears, worms and even snakes. The first gummies were made using gum arabica, hence the name. Recently, gummies have begun to be infused with every imaginable supplement to make them more nutritious, including multivitamins and CBD.

Nowadays, CBD gummies, just like most other gummies, are made using gelatin, colours, sweeteners, flavours, and citric acid. The citric acid makes the gummies tart. Gum arabica is no longer in use in the production of sweets. CBD can be infused into the gummy mix, or some companies coat the gummy with CBD.

CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD, while others have broad-spectrum. You can enjoy your CBD gummies regardless of the type and form of CBD you prefer.

There are many reasons why you might want to take CBD gummies. Below are just a few of them.

Why should you take CBD gummies?

  • Because they fit easily in your pocket making them a convenient way to take CBD.
  • Most CBD gummies come with the CBD concentration indicated on the bottle. This makes it easy for you to know how much CBD you are taking with each gummy. 
  • CBD gummies can be designed to suit as many diets as possible. Paleo, keto, vegan and halal are just some diets catered for by CBD gummies. This means that people can enjoy CBD gummies regardless of their faith and beliefs.
  • Gummies come in different shapes, such as bears, worms, snakes, among others. The textures can either be smooth or rough. Plenty of flavours are available to choose from. You can choose anything between sweet and sour depending on your preference.

CBD gummies have a way of taking us back to our childhood and reminding us of a time when things were simpler and fun. With all these reasons in mind, it is easy to see why they are such a hit.

How do you determine how many CBD gummies you should take

A lot of factors should be put into consideration when deciding the adequate individual dosage. 

These factors include:

  • CBD concentration in your gummy
  • Your body weight and body chemistry
  • Length of time you have been taking CBD

CBD concentration

Most CBD gummy bottles come with the concentration in milligrams already indicated. The concentration of each CBD gummy may be indicated, making your work easier, but sometimes they indicate concentration for the whole pack.

In that case, you will have to divide the total concentration by the number of gummies to determine the concentration of one CBD gummy. After working it out, you can determine how many CBD gummies you should take depending on your total daily intake.

For example, if your bottle indicates concentration as 500mg of CBD and has 20 gummies, each gummy has a concentration of 25mg. If your daily dose is 50mg, you will need to take two gummies daily. 

Homemade CBD gummies follow a different calculation. You have to determine the concentration you need and how many gummies you will make per recipe. The information below will help you have uniform concentration across all gummies.

When you are making 20 gummies, each having ten milligrams, you need a total of 200mg of CBD to achieve this. If the CBD oil you are using has a concentration of 1000mg in a 50milliliters bottle, then each millilitre has 20mg of CBD oil. To make 20 gummies of ten milligrams each, you need ten millilitres of CBD oil. 


As with many other substances, your bodyweight affects the amount of CBD you should take. The heavier your weight, the larger dosage you will need to take.

Many manufacturers will provide recommended dosages relative to your weight. If you're not sure, the general rule is to start low and gradually increase. However, be sure to stick to the maximum dosage indicated by the manufacturer.

How long you’ve been taking CBD

When you take a substance for a long period of time, your body may become accustomed to it. You may have needed only thirty milligrams per day before, but the same amount isn’t offering what you expect now. The difference is because of your body's increased tolerance level. 

The remedy is increasing the dosage gradually over time as your body becomes used to CBD. Start with a small increment like ten milligrams and monitor the effect on your body. Continue making small increments until you achieve your desired dosage. As above, however, make sure you stick to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


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How long does it take to enter your system?

Yummy CBD gummies can be taken by chewing and swallowing or you can include them in one of your baking recipes. Substitute CBD gummies for your regular bears in cookie toppings or dirt puddings, among others.

Being edible, CBD gummies have to follow the digestion path before the CBD can be absorbed. The process takes roughly two hours. But if you want to reduce the time, try sucking the CBD gummy before swallowing. The CBD binds to the saliva, which bypasses digestion and is absorbed in a matter of minutes.

How many CBD gummies should you eat? A summary

The answer to how many CBD gummies you should eat is unique to every individual. Every person's body chemistry is different, and so the way your body interacts with substances is different. If you are a novice, start small, and increase as your body becomes used to CBD.

When buying CBD gummies, we advise you to buy infused CBD gummies, not coated ones. The amount of CBD that attaches to the gummy during coating is not uniform. Therefore, it is hard to ascertain if what you get is what is on the bottle. When making CBD gummies at home, buy your oil or tincture from a reputable seller. That way you’ll be sure what you are taking is the right dose and safe as well.

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