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How to make CBD bath bombs at home – 7 DIY tips

Getting in the tub after a long and difficult day is a great way to unwind. And as most fans of a good bath know that bath bombs can make the experience even more enjoyable. If you are a CBD user and enjoy a good soak, then CBD bath bombs are a great choice for you. Just like regular bath bombs, they come in different colours, shapes, and scents. So, whatever your preference there will be an option for you.

One of the great things about CBD bath bombs is that it is an easy and straightforward process to make them on your own at home. By making them yourself, you have complete control over the scent, colour, shape, and amount of CBD you use in your bath bombs. But getting started can be tricky. This post will will give you 7 handy tips to help you begin making your own CBD bath bombs at home.

Get all the ingredients and tools together

You’ll need a few things to make your CBD bath bombs. Some of the ingredients you will likely already have at home, so you won’t need to shop for them. Recipes will vary, but some basic ingredients feature in almost all of them. Here are the basics you’ll need to make your CBD bath bombs:

  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Epsom salts
  • Cornflour
  • Melted coconut oil (other oils work too – use your favourite!)
  • Water
  • High-quality CBD oil

A selection of bath bombs with a green see through line at the bottom with the Supreme CBD logo at the top left to show CBD infused bath bombs.

All these ingredients are must-haves for your CBD bath bombs. If you miss out even just one or two, your bath bomb might not work! The amounts you need will vary depending on the number of bath bombs you want to make. You can simply double or triple the quantity of ingredients to make more bath bombs.

Aside from the ingredients, you’ll need some tools to help you make your CBD-infused bath bombs. You’ll need disposable hand gloves to cover and protect your hands. A mixing bowl will help with blending the ingredients. Also, you’ll need moulds to craft the bath bombs to your desired shapes and sizes. Finally, a whisk and some digital kitchen scales or measuring cups will come in handy when making your CBD bath bombs at home.

Getting all your ingredients and tools together before you start is a great way to keep the process simple and avoid any mistakes.

Choose the right recipe

There are many different recipes online to help you make CBD bath bombs at home. Your choice of recipe should be based on your needs and the ingredients you have. Look for a suitable recipe to guide you through the whole process – you can use the one we provide below, or search for the one that suits you best.

However, be sure to stick to a single recipe, and avoid switching between different ones. Not only are there recipes are all over the internet, but you can also ask a friend or someone knowledgeable to recommend you their favourite recipe. You don’t want to make mistakes on your first attempt, so picking the right recipe is important.


Follow the recipe carefully

Every recipe has its own unique instructions. Since it’s a process, following the instructions closely and in order is very important. Make a slight mistake and you might have to start afresh. Add the right ingredient at the wrong time and the bath bombs may not work as intended. 

A sample recipe

A set of bath bombs with a green transparent layer underneath with the Supreme CBD logo to the top left of the image.

Below are instructions from our sample recipe. This recipe will make 4 CBD bath bombs.

  1. Combine 4 oz of Epsom salts, 4 oz of citric acid, 4 oz of cornflour and 8 oz baking soda in a medium bowl. Mix them thoroughly until the mixture is smooth.
  2. Use a separate bowl to mix the wet ingredients: 12ml of CBD oil, 3 tbsp of coconut oil, 20 drops of lavender oil, and 1 tbsp of water.
  3. Add the wet mixture to the dry one slowly while stirring. It is important that you do this slowly to avoid fizzing. If the ingredients fizz up, it will activate the dry elements before you put them in your bath. Having an extra dish of dry ingredients will help to quell and handle any premature fizzing.
  4. Place the mixture into your bath bomb moulds. Do this as quickly as you can, before the bath bombs dry out. Apply a little pressure to your moulds to make the mixture stick together. Round, compact designs are easiest to achieve.
  5. Leave your CBD bath bombs to sit in the moulds for around 20 to 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the CBD bath bombs from the moulds and let them dry overnight before using. When removing your bath bombs from the moulds, some may crack or break. If they do, you’ll need to pack them in again and spray some water on them. 

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Don’t rush

Before you start making your CBD bath bombs, be sure to choose a suitable time when you’re free from other activities. The process will take a specified period depending on the recipe you choose and the number of CBD bath bombs you’ll be making. If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll might need to take a little extra time to make sure you get things right.

The recipe will often instruct you to wait for a certain period before adding another ingredient or moving on to the next step. Make sure you wait for the stated time before moving on to the next part of the process.

Have a clock to help you measure the time. And most of all: don’t rush!

Start small

If you’re doing this for the first time, start by making one or two CBD bath bombs. It’s normal to make a few mistakes and errors when doing something for the first time. After all, even science experiments are usually done on only a few samples to determine the effectiveness of the results.

Look for a recipe that allows you to make CBD bath bombs in small quantities. This way, even if you make errors and mistakes, you won’t be wasting too many of your ingredients. If possible, ask someone who knows how to do it guide you through the whole process. Also, avoid customisation and too many details at this stage. If you make things too complicated, you raise the risk of making mistakes. Once you’ve mastered the process, you’ll be free to make as many CBD bath bombs as you want. Not only that, you can play around with different designs and scents.

Decide on what you want

If you do want to customise your CBD bath bombs, decide on what you want to achieve as early as possible. Don’t wait until you start the process before you make a decision, as it will lead to confusion and errors. 

Stick to one design. If it’s your first time, choose a simple design that works for everyone. Use the most straightforward recipe you can. This will make things as easy as possible for you.

The good thing about making your CBD bath bombs at home is that you have control over everything. You can choose the colour, size or shape you want. It all depends on your needs and desires. 

If you’re a pro, you’re free to explore all the designs, colours and shapes the world has to offer. Make your CBD bath bombs unique. You can even come up with your own recipe and test it to find out how it works. Who knows, you might be the next inventor of a unique, homemade and high-selling CBD product.

Be a teacher

You gained your knowledge from someone. So why not continue spreading it to others? Share your skills widely. Create a recipe of your own and upload it somewhere online. It’s all part of the teaching and learning process. You’ll find more ideas when you interact and share your CBD bath bomb-making skills with others.

How to use CBD bath bombs

It would be a waste of time, money, and resources to make CBD bath bombs at home when you don’t know how to use them. Here is the best way to enjoy your home-made CBD bath bombs.

  • First, fill your bathtub with hot water.
  • When it's full, drop a CBD bath bomb in the water and give it some time to dissolve.
  • Then, get in the bathtub and enjoy a luxurious bath.

While soaking in your tub, you can turn on your favourite music and enjoy a little break from the world outside.

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The bottom line on how to make CBD bath bombs

Making CBD bath bombs at home gives you complete control over the scent, colour, and shape you want for your bath bombs. The whole process is straightforward:

  • First, identify the recipe that works best for you.
  • Then, get all the necessary ingredients and tools to get you started.
  • Be strict with your timings and and follow the recipe with care.
  • If you’re a beginner, start with one or two bath bombs.
  • Finally, don’t forget to share your skills with others.

And that’s how you make CBD bath bombs at home!

Other methods to take CBD

CBD bath bombs are one of many ways to be creating with your CBD oil. You can even infuse your oil into edibles to create gummy bears and other great sweets

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