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Where is cannabis grown? A guide to the top 16 countries for cannabis cultivation

The more CBD is being legalised in countries across the world, the more interest there is in the hemp plant. More and more countries are growing it to meet the demand of this plant. But there are still strict restrictions to the growth of cannabis even in countries that allow the consumption of cannabis extracts. Ever wondered, where cannabis is grown? What conditions allow the successful growth of this plant? We have put together a list of countries that grow cannabis in this post.

Where is cannabis grown? Countries that grow cannabis

The Netherlands

The Netherlands grows some of the best strains of the cannabis plant. Some of the popular varieties for CBD extraction include Lemon Haze, Tangilope, and Green crack. This region does not just offer a balanced environment for the growth of cannabis, but also talented cannabis farmers that supply it within and beyond their borders.


Australia is another country with good climatic conditions and great soil for the growth of cannabis. There’s a wide range of strains obtained from this island nation. You can get plants with 20 to 30% Tetrahydrocannabinol which results in high-quality CBD extracts. Some of the strains you can get in Australia include Jack Herer, Harlequin, and Pennywise. There are areas where you may find other strains like Acapulco gold and Permafrost.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa where the use of cannabis is legal. Because of this, growing this plant is possible but under restrictions by authorities.

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Where is cannabis grown in the US

The United States is one of the main consumers of CBD products, you can expect cannabis cultivation to be among the highest in the world. The sheer size of this country and the legalisation of cannabis and its extracts have contributed to the growth of a wide range of strains. They are also growing hybrid species of the cannabis plant in this country. You can count on US cannabis growers to experiment and come up with never tested varieties of cannabis to supply the ever-growing demand. Some of the strains to expect from the United States include the Green Crack, OG Kush, and Blue Dream.


Colombia is one of the South American countries that grow cannabis. The fertile soil and tropical climate have proven to offer a conducive environment for growing some of the best strains of this plant. You can easily get the Colombian landrace and Colombian Gold in this region. Like in the United States, cannabis farmers here also grow hybrid strains thanks to the climate that supports almost every species of the plant.

Where is cannabis grown: Morocco

Morroco is a big supplier of cannabis to the European nations. It’s, therefore, a top producer of this plant even though it’s still illegal to grow, supply, and use the extracts of this plant.


As one of the southeast Asian countries, Kazakhstan produces some of the most authentic strains of the cannabis plant. What’s interesting is that these plants grow naturally in open fields. The most popular strain to come from here is the Kazakh sativa plant. The species are no doubt of top-notch quality and available in almost all the corners of the country. Farmers here don’t have to search for the perfect environment to grow the plants, though not legally accepted. 

Where is cannabis grown in Canada

Canada legalised the use of cannabis in 2018 and has since got a position among the top producers of the plant. Growers are spread across the country but Vancouver regions come in as number one. British Columbia province is also a good producer of this plant. Some of the strains you may get in Canada include Pink Kush, AK-47, MK Ultra, and Tangerine dream. It’s not strange to get hybrid products as well. Canadian growers don’t just grow cannabis for the local market but for export as well, targeting the European nations.


Growing Cannabis, supplying, and using it is illegal in Nigeria but this country just happens to be one of the top cannabis growers in the world. To get access to the plants, one has to find the growing spots spread all over the country. The cannabis varieties you get in this region are high quality. Some of the strains include Nigerian Sunshine and Nigerian Yoruba.


Jamaica is one of the oldest consumers and growers of cannabis. This plant thrives in this Caribbean country because of the ideal weather, fertile soil, plus experienced farmers. As a result, you can expect some of the finest cannabis strains. In most places, they harvest cannabis three times every year.


Afghanistan is home to some of the top-quality strains of the cannabis plant. The environment here tends to support the growth of this plant even in unattended open fields.


In Uruguay, the use of cannabis compounds is legal and so is its farming. But before anyone grows or uses cannabis products, they have to register with the regulatory authorities. This country has great areas for the growth of a range of species of cannabis plants.


Mexico used to be a great source of a range of cannabis species until the drug war that has hit the country since 2015. Of course, there’s still quality cannabis that comes out of this place but most people would rather get it elsewhere than get stuck into drug traps there. The legalisation of cannabis extracts in the US has hit the industry hard in recent years because it used to be the main consumer of Mexican cannabis.

Where is cannabis grown; India

India is another top producer of cannabis with a long history. Cannabis extracts have been used in the country for many years and there’s still a generation of growers coming up with hybrids and new ideas to produce high-quality cannabis plants.


Paraguay comes second in Latin America as the grower of cannabis. It’s the main producer for most of the other Latin American countries yet growing, supplying, and using is illegal in the country.

Where is cannabis grown: Nepal

Before the ’70s, it was legal to grow, supply, and use cannabis extracts in Nepal. But new governments came and it was criminalised. Because of the history, there is still cultivation of the plant in large pockets across the country because little enforcement of the new laws is happening. Growers still grow quality cannabis, use it locally and export.

Where is cannabis grown? The ideal conditions for growing cannabis

Just like humans, the cannabis plant thrives in specific environmental conditions. Whether you grow it out in the fields or indoors, it’s important to expose it to crucial elements in the right proportions. Temperature, moisture, light, nutrients, and water are key to the success of this plant. Even more important is keeping away pests and destructive creatures. Here are important elements you must check.


Water is an important element in the growth of cannabis. Countries that grow this plant should be receiving a steady supply of rain. Where water is scarce, irrigation is necessary.


Plenty of sunlight is required to grow cannabis. So obviously, it’s grown in places where sunlight isn’t scarce. In situations like indoor cannabis planting, one has to invest in grow lights to meet the needs of the plant.


Just like any other plant, it’s critical to use fertiliser in the right amounts for the cannabis plant to grow healthily. Thankfully, there are plenty of fertilisers specifically made for the growth of cannabis. These fertilisers are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.


The cannabis plant thrives in temperatures between 20 and 25 Degrees Celsius when young. These plants can take 30 Degrees Celsius during flowering. These are the ideal temperatures for high-quality cannabis and maximum potency. But they can handle higher and lower temperatures as well.


You want your humidity levels to be between 40% to 70%. Humidity levels less than 40% are a good environment for fungus, moulds, and diseases to develop. On the higher end, a dry environment causes cannabis to retard into poor-quality plants.


A constant blow of wind is great for cannabis plants, particularly in cold environments. If there’s too much wind, consider getting windbreak structures.


While most plants do well in their native soils, which would typically be clay soil, sandy soils, or silt soils, cannabis often thrives in loam soil (which is a mixture of all the other soils). This soil should retain water well, contain sufficient nutrients, contain high oxygen levels, and be easy to work with.

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Where is cannabis grown: final thought

Most countries produce cannabis, whether legally or not. The above-mentioned nations have had their footprint in the cannabis market because of the quantity and quality of the cannabis plant they produce. Always buy CBD extracts sourced from quality cannabis and hemp plants as we do it here at Supreme CBD.

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