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How to store CBD oil and other CBD products

Did you know that CBD oil can last for more than two years without going bad if it's properly stored? This timeframe may come as a surprise to some users. Perhaps you find that you're struggling to keep your CBD oil in good condition for two months, never mind two years. In this post, we'll show you how to store CBD oil so that it'll stay fresh for longer.

Buying CBD oil is an investment. This is especially true if you buy it in high concentration or in large quantities. That's why it's so important to learn how to store your CBD oil properly. You want to make sure it lasts long enough for you to use all of it!

Like many organic products, the shelf life of CBD is one to two years, but you have to check the product labelling to be sure. This can be affected by many factors, including the components of the oil and the storage conditions. You may need to have a dedicated place to store your CBD oil to prevent loss of quality, though that’s not always necessary.

In this post, we will explore the factors reducing the shelf life of CBD oil and show you how to store your CBD oil properly. 

CBD oil shelf life

For most types of high-quality CBD oil, the shelf life is usually one to two years, though this may vary for different manufacturers. You can find the shelf life of your CBD oil by carefully checking the labelling, either on the packaging or on the bottle. 

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant using various methods. It undergoes further processing until only isolates are left. These isolates are infused with carrier oils such as olive, hemp, coconut and MCT oils to give you the CBD oil you buy. Therefore CBD oil is classified as a food item and should be stored as such.

Keeping CBD oil in the same place you keep your cooking oil is a good approach, but sometimes it's not enough. Below we look at some of the factors that affect the shelf life of CBD oil.

Factors affecting the quality of CBD oil

The way you store your CBD oil can affect its quality. Over time, poor storage conditions will have an impact on the potency of the oil. This means that you have to waste money that you could otherwise have saved by properly storing your CBD oil and extending its shelf life.

Here are some of the issues you need to be aware of when storing your CBD oil.


Experts believe that one of the biggest threats to the integrity of CBD oil is light. Ultraviolet rays, and even just light in general, will speed up the degradation process. This will reduce the shelf life of CBD oil.

Scientists' remedy to this is using amber-coloured glass for storage. The colour of the glass is capable of protecting your CBD oil from UV rays that come from the sun. It blocks the rays and minimises the damage they cause. This is the reason that CBD oil packages are usually amber glass bottles.

Consider the packaging when you are buying. CBD oil packed in amber glass bottles is bound to stay fresh longer than if packed in other materials. 


For organic products, heat is detrimental because it contributes to the disintegration of the compounds. CBD falls into this category. In fact, some of the compounds start degrading at temperatures that you may not think are particularly high. When the chemical balance changes because of this, your CBD oil may turn murky.

Storing CBD oil in your kitchen cupboards may solve this issue, but people in warm or temperate climates may still experience problems. 700F is the optimum storage temperature for CBD oil. If you live somewhere that regularly encounters temperatures higher than 700F, then a cupboard may not be the ideal place to store CBD oil.

In a tropical climate, in particular, you may have to refrigerate your CBD oil. When you store CBD oil in the fridge, it thickens a bit. You can melt it again by submerging or running it under warm water.

In cooler climates, a cupboard where you keep your dry cooking ingredients will suffice. But this cupboard should not be near a heat source like an oven.

If you buy your CBD oil in bulk to save money, the best place to store it would be a freezer. Frozen CBD oil can last for decades. However, this is not suitable for short term storage as you have to thaw the oil every time you need to use it.


When you expose organic products to air, oxidation occurs due to oxygen in the air. This reaction causes a change in the individual chemical compounds and affects the delicate balance in CBD oil. This will lead to faster deterioration.

Manufacturers keep exposure to the atmosphere to a minimum during production. They also pack the oil in airtight bottles, which have applicators to reduce exposure when using CBD oil. If your CBD oil comes with a screw cap, remember to close it tightly after use. Only open it when you need to, and transfer it if necessary into an airtight container.

We recommend that you keep the CBD oil in its original packaging.  

How to store CBD oil properly

Heat, air and light are the elements you should avoid when picking a place to store your CBD oil. There are several places in your house that will be good options, and you can dedicate them to CBD oil storage.

There are a number of good options for storing your CBD oil, including:

  • the pantry
  • a cupboard
  • the fridge
  • the freezer

These can all be ideal choices in some circumstances. But the best option depends on various factors.


Contrary to what some people claim, you do not need to refrigerate CBD oil. However, if you live in a hot climate, the fridge might be your best bet. It guarantees airtight, cold and dark storage when closed. It is ideal for regular users who want to keep their CBD oil fresh for up to a year.

CBD oil does get cloudy with cold storage. If this happens, don't worry – it's not a major problem. You only need to run warm water over the bottle to reverse the effects. The same happens if you store your cooking oil in the fridge. 


For the people who use CBD daily, making use of the pantry or cupboards in your house is ideal. They offer a cool, dark place, which is optimal when it comes to regulating temperature and avoiding light exposure.

Keep in mind that there are all kinds of heat sources in the kitchen. Do not place your CBD oil close to the oven, toasters, or behind the fridge. A cupboard in the living room or bedroom can be a good choice if you have limited options in your kitchen.


CBD oil fairs well in the freezer. If you buy your CBD oil in bulk or you need to keep it for more than a month, the freezer is a viable storage option. However, if you are unsure about the particular oil you have, contact the manufacturers and they will be able to guide you.   

If you are travelling with your oil, you can further protect it from light by wrapping the oil in aluminium foil.

When stored in optimum conditions and undisturbed, CBD oil can last for years or even indefinitely. But check the manufacturer's best before date or expiration date on the bottle.

How to tell if your CBD oil has gone bad

The main indicator is odour and flavour. If your CBD oil smells odd or tastes rancid, do not take it. Though cold storage can result in the CBD oil turning cloudy, bring it to room temperature and it should reverse the process. If it does not change back, it's gone bad.

CBD oil changes colour as it degrades. Though it will not make you sick, it is less effective once it has changed colour. 

Use your CBD oil before the expiration date to be on the safe side.

How to store other CBD products

CBD degrades when exposed to air, heat and light regardless of which type of product you choose. The rate is faster in some infused products due to the other ingredients in the product. For example, no matter how well you store a CBD baked product, the shelf life will not increase by much.

Though not all infused products benefit from freezing, for some, like CBD butter and cooking oil, shelf life is greatly extended. The key is to store all CBD products in airtight containers in a cool dark place. Avoid windows, as the sunlight significantly affects CBD. When making CBD edibles at home, avoid storing them in plastic containers as they reduce longevity. Also, keep in mind the perishability of other ingredients used when determining the shelf life. 

Final thoughts on how to store CBD oil properly

The shelf life of CBD oil is usually one to two years. It can last indefinitely if you do not disturb it. Properly storing your CBD oil can improve the shelf life significantly. Heat, light and oxygen are the elements to avoid if you want your CBD oil to last longer. They contribute to the degradation of CBD oil at a faster rate. 

Cool, dark areas are the best for storing CBD oil. For extended shelf life, you can refrigerate or freeze your oil. If your CBD oil smells or tastes odd, be wary. CBD-infused food products have a much shorter shelf life compared to CBD oil. They also be affected by heat, light and oxygen.

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