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What is CBD distillate?

If you’ve had a chance to learn about CBD and the many products that contain it, you will have no doubt heard about the various extracts of the Cannabis Sativa plant. There are a range of different extracts currently to be found on the market, which include full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, and CBD distillate. CBD isolate and distillate are the two purest forms of CBD. In this post, we explain everything you need to know about these different CBD extracts.

What does CBD distillate mean?

CBD distillate is the second purest form of CBD after isolate. It is an extract from the hemp plant where the refining of the final product happens systematically, leaving only specific cannabinoids. This extract takes its name from the method used to draw it out from the hemp plant.

The method utilizes heat to vaporize cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This results in a pure and potent product with unlimited usage potential. Due to its high potency, you only need a few drops of CBD distillate to achieve your daily dose. This can potentially mean you won’t be buying CBD as often, as your supplies will last longer.

Apart from distillation, there is another method to extract CBD distillate from the hemp plant. The technique is solvent-based and utilizes what is known as a winterization process. The process uses a chemical compound to remove all impurities. This is followed by a filtration process to get rid of any chemical solvents.

CBD distillate is thick and very concentrated. It comes in liquid form. When exposed to room temperature, or cooler temperatures, it may turn solid.

CBD distillate contains around 80% to 90% of CBD. The remaining percentage comprises terpenes, other cannabinoids, plant extracts, and oils. It is odourless and does not have any taste, just like CBD isolate.

It's also important to know that you won’t fail a drug test by consuming distillate CBD. This is because drug tests look for THC content, which it does not contain. See a little further below for more on this topic.

What is the difference between distillate and full-spectrum?

Although distillate and full-spectrum CBD are very similar, there is a thin line between the two. It’s important to understand these differences before shopping for CBD products. A large percentage of distillate is the CBD compound itself. The remaining portion comprises terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins, and cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD also has all these compounds, but with one major difference: it also contains a small percentage of THC.

According to UK law, full-spectrum CBD should contain less than 0.3% of THC. This means users will not experience any psychoactive effect regardless of whether they take distillate or full-spectrum CBD. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take the latter if you are due for a drug test, because there is a small chance that you might test positive for THC.

Another difference is taste, which can be important when it comes to deciding on which form of CBD you want to use. CBD distillate is odourless and tasteless, while full-spectrum CBD has an earthy taste. 

Is CBD distillate legal in the UK?

Yes. CBD distillate has no THC content. It’s pure CBD accompanied traces of terpenes and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant. 

As mentioned above, according to CBD regulations in the UK, all CBD products must contain less than 0.3% of THC – a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant responsible for producing a psychoactive effect. It’s legal to buy and use distillate in the UK as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

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How can you use CBD distillate?

One way to consume CBD distillate is through vaping. Here, you inhale the compound as part of an e-liquid using a vape device. It’s a quick and potent way to introduce CBD into your body. Since it’s odourless and tasteless, the vapour produced won't affect those around you. Pre-loaded cartridges and vape pens are more efficient to use. You don’t need to handle the distillate as it is already in the cartridge or vape pen. However, they can be more expensive that buying a refillable vape pen and separate e-liquid.

Another way to consume CBD distillate is through edibles. You just need to add a few drops to your food during the cooking process. And because it’s tasteless and odourless, your edibles won’t taste or smell of hemp. As with other forms of CBD, there is no specific dosage for CBD distillate. Start with a few drops and increase the dosage until you identify what works for you.

Alternatively, buy the edibles from local shops or online. Gummies are one of the most popular CBD-infused edibles. Edibles pass through the digestive system before they make their way into your bloodstream.

CBD distillate can also be used in topicals and beauty products. The popularity of CBD-infused beauty products and topicals, such as CBD muscle and joint rub, has increased rapidly. When you use any type of CBD in beauty products and topicals, it does not enter your bloodstream.

What’s the difference between distillate and isolate?

CBD distillate and isolate are very similar. They are both extracts from the hemp plant. However, there’s a slight variance between the two extracts. This is because CBD isolate contains a more significant percentage of CBD. Distillate also has some cannabinoids and other compounds like terpenes that can be found in the hemp plant. Isolate, on the other hand, contains only CBD. It is the purest form of CBD. The process of refining and processing isolate is much longer than that of distillate. All impurities are removed, leaving the final product pure CBD.

Both isolate and distillate crystallize at room temperature or under cooler temperatures. You can tell the difference from their appearance. Isolate forms white or colourless crystals, while distillate forms a shade of amber or gold crystals. 

Distillate, isolate, or full-spectrum?

CBD distillate, isolate, and full-spectrum are all extracts from the hemp plant. However, they differ in terms of THC and CBD concentrations. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds of the hemp plant, including a small amount of THC. The entourage effect theory states that compounds from the Cannabis Sativa plant work effectively when used together. Thus, if you want to take advantage of the entourage effect, full-spectrum is the perfect choice. Read our post on full-spectrum CBD oil to find out more.

Isolate is for those who prefer pure CBD. During the extraction of isolate CBD, everything is filtered out except CBD. Those who wish to consume CBD discreetly can use isolate because it does not produce any smells or tastes. If you don’t like the earthy flavours of other CBD edibles or oils, isolate will be a good choice for you.

CBD distillate is for those who don’t want to consume THC but still want the various other compounds from the hemp plant. The distillation process filters out all the THC content in the hemp plant. The final product contains all other compounds from the hemp plant except THC.

If you’re a regular consumer of CBD but don’t want to have to regularly order new products, CBD distillate might be the best choice. This is because it is highly potent. It can even be diluted to make it go further. A small bottle can last you a whole month or two. You’ll save time by not having to buy CBD so regularly. CBD distillate is easy to use and can be added to your favourite meals during cooking or on the table as you eat. Some sellers pack it with droppers to help you measure a precise amount.

It’s worth noting that CBD distillate comes at a higher price than other extracts from the hemp plant owing to its high potency. Also, the process of producing it is complicated and costly, which adds up to the cost of the product. If your budget is tight, you might want to consider other options.

Can CBD distillate make you fail a drug test?

The answer to this question is simple: no! Drug tests check for THC concentration in CBD products. CBD distillate has no THC content. It won’t make you high and won’t show up in your test results. Those who want a negative drug test are safe taking CBD distillate or isolate. However, be sure to check that the manufacturer provides thorough, third-party lab testing so you can be certain you know exactly what you're getting.

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Where can you get CBD distillate?

There are many manufacturers and sellers of CBD distillate. But you must be careful where you purchase yours. It's important to be sure the contents are produced according to the set standards. It can be a good idea to get recommendations from friends who are familiar with CBD products. Read reviews from the manufacturers’ websites to know what other customers are saying.

When shopping for CBD-related products, go for reputable brands. Look at the product label to determine the contents of the ingredients. Some manufacturers may add other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions to users. Find out the amount of THC in the products. There should be less than 0.3% THC in all CBD products. 

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